Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the Dark

So, big plans for today have not turned out exactly as I had planned. At some point after the storms last night I lost power…at least I think it was after I was already in bed when it started. My plan of getting up early and studying didn’t go as planned. My alarm didn’t go off so I got up at 9 and not having power had to reassess where I was going to study. Flash backs to grad school kicked in and I headed to the library.
Except to pick up books I haven’t been to the library in about 10 years. And, I am realizing it hasn’t changed that much. The earlier you get there the better seat you get in the quiet area, there are still those people that talk too loud, the chairs aren’t comfy and I still tend to stare at the brick walls.

As for Studying it is going - the library has electricity and internet which is needed for my CMP prep class. So, that is a plus and I am charging my cell phone. I’m easily distracted there is a whole cast of characters – all of which I believe wouldn’t be here if they had power at their homes.

Kinda wishing Millennia was here to entertain me. Yup, a robot makes it all better. ( If you missed my post about Millennia here it is.)

Ok, back to the studying – 17 days til I take the CMP.

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