Monday, June 25, 2012

Atlanta, SHRM and Millennia

I plan events - cool hotels, great hotel, amazing food and travel lots of travel. It is as glamorous as it sounds…Right now its 730pm and I am in my hotel room wondering how early is too early to call it a night. Honestly the perks are great and I do like my job. The cool part though is what it enables me to do and I am able to use my job to do a little bit of good .

My company as a mission of social change and I am allowed a lot of leeway in how incorporate that into our events and exhibits. Last February I had the pleasure of meeting Millennia a therapy robot that works with autistic children. I knew one way or another I was going to get Millennia into one of my booths. SHRM was that show. I have spent the last two days working with Millennia and his operate and I am amazed at what technology can accomplish. As part of our exhibit we donated $10 for every picture take to a local Autism school. Here is a little info on the therapy work the Millennia does.

Millennia is also very famous – he was in Rocky 4 (he has had a face lift or two since then), he was made into a cartoon for Family guy and had a two year run on Days of our lives.


Family Guy:

A few other cool Millennia facts: Has a passport, American express card, is a member of SAG and prefers to fly first class.

Yup, it is true I might have a little crush on Millennia. Here is one last photo that was take with a booth next to ours when they invited us over to have a picture taken with the Heisman trophy.

Off to recharge my batteries! ;)

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