Friday, June 22, 2012

Nashville and NSA

I was in Nashville as an exhibitor for the National Sherriff Association conference this week. It was the first time that my company or I attended this event. I also got to bring one of my fellow planners out to her first tradeshow. The show itself was great and I learned a lot about this audience and what they are looking for when attending conferences.

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Nashville, it is my favorite city to visit. The people are nice, the city has a lot to offer and the artistic awareness is huge. And, I’m not just talking about Music, painters, sculptors, wood workers, writers and a few musicians - it is a city full of creativity. Two of my co-workers had never been and I have the fun of showing them all of my favorite places. Overall it had been a great time.

There may have been a little excitement on Tuesday night when the Opryland Hotel had a gas leak caused an explosion I was very thankful as a planner that most of my staff had already left and we had cleared out of the Opryland a whole 4 hours prior. The good news is that no one was hurt – which was amazing considering that the hotel was sold out and they evacuated over 5000 people. The bad news Gaylord is looking at 750k in damages. Thinking it is a good thing that Marriott just put in a bid to purchase all their properties.

Today I flew to Atlanta. I’m very excited about this event did I mention I’m going to have a Robot?

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