Friday, June 29, 2012


Two weeks – really isn’t that long right? Well after this trip it feels like it. I was ready to come home yesterday, what I wasn’t ready for was the heat. 101 today? Really? I don’t like the heat, I would take a snow storm over the heat any day of the week. Luckily I have the AC cranked and the blinds shut to keep the heat out. I might even have a blanket over my toes.
I am excited to be taking the week off of work. I do have a couple more expense reports to file, but that I can do that in the morning. Most of the week is going to be spent studying for my CMP. I am sitting for it two weeks from Monday. I don’t like tests. Don’t like anything about them – in fact they truly stress me out. The good part is that when I am stressed I become super productive and scheduled. So, I am getting a ton of things done that have been on the to do list for too long.
Here are a few random items that I’m either looking forward to or currently enjoying:
1. Monday I leave for Hershey! I love the Chocolate Spa and go up there about every 4 months.
2. I signed up for a shoebox swap weekend in OC today. Looking forward to it and hoping that I will get some great ideas from the other ladies.
3. Kip Moore concert tickets came in the mail today.

4. On the way to the drs I heard Wild Ones by Flo Rida w/Sia and I have been listening to it all day something about it I love. .

Those are two very diffrerent songs, from very different artists. Yup, I just like music.
Off to bed so I can get up early & study in the morning.

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