Sunday, July 1, 2012

In the Dark - Day 2

Ok, so the electricity is still out. Currently BGE is showing that 309K are still without power and 285K have been restored. So, I am not alone in my waiting. I am lucky that I was able to use my Marriott points and check in a Residence in close by. What makes this even better is that they have a full size fridge and freezer so I was able to bring over most of my perishable food as well. And, a stove so I don’t need to eat out either. (This is nice since I just got back from two weeks on the road…and I leave tomorrow for a little R & R.)

As I was trying to figure out how long food lasted during a power outage I came across this disaster resources doc from Texas A & M – Handling food & drinks when losing power. Some I knew, some was a surprise. I do think it is a good reference.

So, today plans aren’t crazy exciting. I am going to keep studying, cook a little lunch and dinner. Oh – Laundry - I was going to wait until the weekend and do it, I should have done it as soon as I got home on Thursday. I am going to use the machines here and do laundry.

16 days til I take the CMP. (Yup, I’m counting down…then I get to start 2 more classes for my CEM)

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