Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quilting Bee 1

I have been writing a lot about my travel recently, so here is one about a quilt I recently made. Someone twitter that I follow (sorry quilters can’t remember who) Mentioned that they were having a good time with Quilting Bee by Kathleen Ricketson. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime I ordered it and had it in my little hands the next day.

I decided that the first quilt I was going to make was the Constructivist. I have to say the pattern was easy to follow (there was one small user error, but that was all me!) and turned out even better than I thought. I went with a Christmas theme - I have a bunch of Christmas charm packs. So I used my Moda’s Countdown to Christmas and Gray print for the background. I haven’t picked a backing or binding yet, but I have the top done!
Pattern - Constructivist
Quilting Bee By Kathleen Ricketson
I’m currently working on Prismatic from the book. More pictures to come as I finish laying out that one. (it must be Xmas in July this one has a Christmas theme too!)
Taking a break and gong shopping - I need a new outfit (more on why later!)

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