Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trip to Nashville & a little Bon Jovi

Just got back from spending four days in my favorite city – Nashville - as always had a great time! Started Wednesday with a Bon Jovi Concert at the Bridgestone arena, Dashboard Confessional open and were great. Bon Jovi was AMAZING; they rocked the roof off . It took until Saturday to get my hearing back in my right ear. (That may have to do with two nights at the second fiddle on Broadway, but I’ll get to that in a minute).  Here is  the playlist. They hit all the big songs and a few that were old alum cuts that you don’t hear as often, but still know all the words. The only song that they didn’t play that I would have liked to hear is Bed of Roses, but maybe they will play it in London. 

We went down to Lynchburg, TN on Thursday to tour the Jack Daniels Distillery. Here is the picture of the whole tour group. I am hidden in the back and I am ok with that. :) We had an awesome tour guide names Bettie. She was great and had a wonderful sense of humor. Walked around the cute historic district which I think had a total of 10 stores. Then headed back north to Franklin, TN. Walked around Main St and saw some great little shops and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Sol. It was great and the guacamole was made table side which I always like.
Thursday night was night 1 at the Second Fiddle. The band that was on stage when we got there was Brandi Thornton and she is a great singer that knows how to engage the crowd and keep their attention. I would go see her again. The 2nd group to come on was Barefoot Justice and I have to say I wasn't impressed and was sad to see that they were on again on Friday when we went back. Luckily they were the early band on Friday was they were off the stage by 10:30 and then the Shawn & Hobby band took the stage and they were also good. I look forward to seeing if any of these groups make it big. You never when you hit the bars on Broadway, they could be the next big thing...
Friday during the day we toured the Belle Mead Plantation which was very cool. I had never toured a plantation before so I got a good dose of history while there. We also drove by its sister’s house West Meade which is just a mile down the road and still family owned.
After having to check out Saturday morning we headed down to the Factory in Franklin.
It has a lot of local artists which is nice. A little too nice as I managed to buy two paintings. One by Deborah Gall

This one is  by Becky  R. Gholston.  I also looked through the window at Deann Hebert ‘s work, but she was closed. Next trip I will be heading over to see her. 

After that it was time to head home. Once again Nashville, you made it hard to leave...Next trip is for work. Atlanta in Mid May!!! Until then I am off to Craft. :)


Justine said...

AWWW, I miss concerts. Hawaii concerts were the best. I suppose there are tons up in Milano but not exactly next door for me. wow Bon Jovi, I'm guessing no Mosh Pit. LOL

Patti said...

Yes, concerts are a wonderful thing. Never been to a concert in Hawaii might have to add that to my list. No Mosh pit, but we were only 16 rows from the stage.

BTW: I love your blog!!! Your cards are amazing!

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