Monday, April 19, 2010


Packing, my least favorite part about travel. I love the planning, love the flying, loving being there and even coming home is nice. Packing and unpacking - that is what i hate. Airport security, checking in, hotels, rental cars - piece a cake. Packing so not my idea of fun.

It is really an art form and I do have it down to a science, but it is a science that occupies my mind for days before I leave. What are we going to be doing on this trip, do i need day and night outfits, business and fun? Shoes - that is a whole other issue. Comfort or style...Seldom do you get both.

Ok, so I need to pack leave on Wednesday for Nashville. I love that city and have tix to see Bon Jovi. So I am going to need day and night attire. Along with some comfortable and stylish shoes...I think there may be a need for some shopping! :)

Ok, off to look the closet. :)

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